Own your work space like a BOSS!

More often than not, people fail to realize the significance of their wristwatch in making a strong first impression. When you walk into a room full of strangers, they form an impression of you based on the way you look and carry yourself – and if you dress smartly, you’ve already won half the battle. Your wristwatch tells more than just the time; it says that you mean business. With your watch, the spectator gains an invaluable insight into your personality – your priorities, interests and mindset.

In a world where everyone is fighting to make his or her way up the corporate ladder, it is important to stand out. Honing the characteristics of an ideal worker is one thing but you must also look the part. Wearing an elegant piece of timeless luxury in the form of a wristwatch is a clear indication that you are a confident, reliable resource who respects the value of time. It establishes you as someone who has his priorities straight – a man of his word. If you’re willing to walk the extra mile to mark your spot in the corporate world, you might as well do it like a BOSS.

Known for their technical superiority, modern design and exquisite craftsmanship, Hugo Boss watches have carved a niche in the timekeeping business. The luxury brand offers a wide collection of wristwatches, ready to look good on any wrist. As you’re spoiled for choice, it is best to buy from authentic retailers such as Ethos Watch Boutiques, considered to be a trusted choice amongst watch lovers.

So here’s a list of my top picks from Hugo Boss that’ll cement your spot in the C-lounge:

  1. Hugo Boss Classic Jackson (Model No: 1513370)

Encompassing contemporary aesthetics with a classic feel, the Hugo Boss Jackson from the Classic Collection is monochrome composition at its flawless best. It features an easily readable white dial with a mineral crystal case, strapped in with a classic crocodile textured black leather strap. Effortlessly compliment your everyday style with an understated touch of elegance.

  1. Hugo Boss Classic Jet (Model No: 1513384)

Made unique with its aviation inspired design, the Hugo Boss Classic Jet is a distinctive symbol of sophisticated elegance. It stands out in a crowd with its silver colored markers and contrasting blue dial, strapped in with a stainless steel link strap. Just like anyone who wants to make it big in the corporate world, the timepiece knows how to multitask. It boasts of two totalisers – to keep record of minutes and 24-hour intervals. The timepiece is an ultra chic choice for a shrewd corporate executive, who is imaginative yet practical.

  1. Hugo Boss Modern Essence (Model No: 1513500)

A true reflection of the modern man, the Hugo Boss Modern Essence will ascertain you as someone who is hip, contemporary and up to date with the latest. With its minimalist black design and uncluttered aesthetic scheme, this one’s got a special place in my heart. The gorgeous timepiece features a classy black leather strap and secondary small seconds dial. You can’t help but love everything about it.

  1. Hugo Boss Classic Navigator (Model No: 1513496)

The only ones truly able to carve a niche in the corporate world are those keen to put in more than what is asked of them. A man who is willing to make an extra effort to achieve his goals deserves a watch that matches up to his standard. The Hugo Boss Classic Navigator does just that. This bold timepiece boasts of a 24-hour indicator, a chronograph, a date keeper as well as a small seconds totalizer. The grey dial is seamlessly coupled with a rose gold case and brown leather strap. From boss in the day to casual conversationalist at night, this watch will mirror your exceptionality round the clock.

It is safe to say that each of these timepieces from the Hugo Boss Watches Collection boasts of corporate excellence – an ideal companion as you ease your way up the corporate ladder.