Six Ways To Wear A Short Sleeved Shirt

A short-sleeved shirt is a staple when it comes to men’s fashion, and it is not restricted to young boys. With a few helpful tips, men can look super-stylish wearing short sleeves.

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Big Events

They’re not restricted to daywear, either. You can wear cropped sleeves to a formal event, although bold patterns are best avoided for smarter occasions. As a rule, the smarter the event, the more simple the shirt; opt for a plain white shirt for the smartest events.

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Summer Days

You’re more likely to wear short sleeves in the warmer summer months, so a light chambray might be the best bet in terms of material.

Lose the tie and stay buttoned down to get the current look spot on. Whether you choose fitted or a looser cut, you should have one in your wardrobe. Everyone’s wearing them, and they’re easy to style.


Be bold with patterns. A pattern is great, but remember everything in moderation. A bold 1970s-style giant flower print is going to be harder to wear and more reminiscent of a barbeque or beach party. Think smaller patterns, and look for colours that are complementary and not clashing. Pick something that suits you rather than something that makes you look more like you’ve come in fancy dress.

Double Up

Patterns are great and work well either on their own or buttoned up over a T-shirt in a complementary colour, which can be a great way to take it from day to night.

Tops And Bottoms

Think about what you’ll wear the short-sleeved shirt with. Shorts are fine, but make sure they are fitted and tailored if you don’t want to look like you’ve come straight from the garden. A light denim is harder to wear.

Smart Or Casual

Whether you buy a plain white shirt for work or a denim option for “off-duty,” your friends are all going to have at least one and you don’t want to miss out. If you decide to shop for mens designer shirts, choose a specialist retailer like E J Menswear

Esquire explains why there is nothing to fear from a short-sleeved shirt.

The final decision to make relates to body shape. Be honest with yourself. Buttons all the way up will make you look bigger as will bigger prints, so choose carefully.